Remo Fella was born in Lucerne, Switzerland from a family with southern Italian roots. He attended the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where he studied art, photography and graphic design from 1988 - 1992. Remo Fella firmly believes in the power of design as a transformational tool, capable of changing the way we work and live. This attitude has fuelled his imagination over two decades helping to connect brands with their audience. 
Remo Fella started his creative career in the Studio Alchimia in Milano, Italy, followed by positions as graphic designer and art director in Swiss design ateliers. In 2000, Remo Fella started his own business venture FELLA DESIGN, specialized in high-end communications solutions with strategic and artistic core values. 
Since its foundation in 2000, FELLA DESIGN, based in Zurich, has been a reference point for design and creativity. At FELLA DESIGN, creativity merges with cultural awareness, strategy and technology to produce exceptional projects guided by firm values of passion, talent and an ideas-based approach to design. Every project takes a fresh approach to each design and media context to produce work that resonates and fulfils the needs of clients and brands from around the world. 

• Branding
• Identity Design
• Graphic Design
• Digital Design / Coding
• CGI & Illustration
• Custom Typography
• Motion Graphics
• Product Design
• Content Strategy
• Editorial Design
• Photography

Remo Fella currently lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. His photographs are taken during trips all over the world. He photographs for his design and marketing clients as well as for his own photography projects. 
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